18 March 2020

Breaking the mould and championing women

We talk to one of our loyal customers about why she invested in Petalon. If you would like to own a part of Petalon as well as enjoy other perks such as 25% off flowers for life, view our full crowdfunding pitch here and learn more about becoming an investor.

Q: Annie, you’ve been a Petalon customer for 5 years. How did you first hear about Petalon?

A: Word of mouth. In 2015, a friend told me about a woman in East London who had left behind her previous career to set up her own flower delivery company, and that the flowers were totally beautiful and unlike anything else available in the market. I was so impressed by the quality and service, I’ve followed and supported Florence and Petalon ever since.

Q: Why did you invest in Petalon?

A: As a female entrepreneur it’s very important to me to invest in companies which align to my values, both personal and professional. Petalon is innovative – Florence set out to break the mould of people buying mediocre, overpriced and unsustainable flowers. I respect this decision and the challenges she has faced competing with mass market brands with bigger budgets. I also wanted to invest in a company that embraces diversity and sustainability. Petalon has always been predominantly managed and run by women.

Q: What did you see in the business that made you believe in what we’re doing?

A: I’ve been buying Petalon flowers for the last 5 years. What has impressed me most is that even as the company has grown, expanding beyond East-London deliveries to nationwide deliveries, the quality of the product and services remains as high as it was on day one. That struck me as unusual in a flower company. Also, despite scaling successfully, Florence and Petalon have not compromised on their commitment to diversity and sustainability.

Q: In your opinion, what makes Petalon different to other flower delivery services?

A: First and foremost the top quality product. Petalon flowers are unique and everyone I know who has bought Petalon flowers agrees. But what’s powerful about Petalon is the way it is managed – championing women and the importance of setting up businesses that can be run, even at scale, in a sustainable and moral way.

Q: How does Petalon’s environmental philosophy fit in with your own?

A: Petalon’s commitment to sustainability is one of the main reasons I have chosen to invest. Not only will it make the company more profitable in the long run, as I truly believe customers see environmental responsibility as a key selling point, but it allows people to continue to buy and gift flowers guilt-free.

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