Our Mission

Petalon is a better kind of flower delivery service.

Our first priority is to care for the land that we are responsible for. We do this by farming without machinery, pesticides or artificial fertilisers, by using 100% renewable energy, by practising sustainable animal husbandry and by leaving more than half of the land we manage to be a wild habitat for the local ecosystem.

We want to grow our business and to spread the word about what we feel is the right way of doing things, but we will not do this at the expense of our land or our staff. If we reach a point at which we are unable to grow responsibly then we will stop.

Profit is not a priority for our business. Whilst we recognise the need not to lose money (we don’t have any deep-pocketed investors holding us up) any excessive profits would only demonstrate that we are not giving enough back to the business, our staff and the planet. This is why we donate 100% of our end of year profits to UK conservation projects.

We grow a large portion of our own flowers in the months that we can here in Cornwall, but we also import from abroad so that we can maintain a year-round product for our customers and year-round work for our staff, as well as a best-in-class product. We measure the impact of these imports and compensate for them using Climate Partner, an independent third party that helps us to achieve the carbon neutrality with which both our products and business are certified. We believe it is important to educate people on where flowers come from and how they are grown in an effort to encourage a more mindful and considered industry. We strive to be at the forefront of that learning curve ourselves, sharing our journey along the way.

We are transparent about both our strengths and the areas in which we can, and will, do better. We are constantly receptive to feedback that allows us to progress on this mission.


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