19 October 2023

A Chrysanthemum Conundrum

By this time in the season, we’d normally expect to have a few more chrysanthemums than we do right now. We’ve gone from having five beds of them to two. Earlier in the year we found out the nursery where we get our chysanthemum plugs from had suffered a huge ...

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27 July 2023

Here Come The Dahlias

Our dahlias are just starting to ramp up which compared to last year, when they were in full swing by now, is a pretty late start to the season. Such is British weather – no year is quite the same.

Growing dahlias is an interesting endeavour, especially when it comes to ...

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24 May 2023

Our first ever homegrown signature bouquet

When Petalon first started, we knew we were heading in to an industry that was typically unkind on the environment. While in our early days of being a one-woman show based in East London, there wasn’t too much we could do to tackle the way the billion-dollar cut flower industry ...

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4 May 2023

Farm Update: May 2023

So far this year, we’ve sold every single stem we’ve grown on the farm, which is an absolute dream come true.

March and April were a whirlwind of tulips, poppies, ranunculus and our fancy daffs (those white ones, oof). We’ve also seen some absolutely incredible customer photos ...

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21 April 2023

The Cornish Food Bank

Our farm it situated near the North Cornish coast. There is no denying that this is a gorgeous part of the world, and while most people are familiar with it from holidays to visit its outstanding natural beauty that is far from all that Cornwall is. Like many areas that ...

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9 March 2023

B Corp

We are a flower business that tries to do good in an industry where there is plenty of bad. But we would say that, wouldn’t we?

Like other businesses in our situation we are susceptible to accusations of green-washing, white-washing and other unenviable types of washing. When you take a look ...

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26 February 2023

The Cusp of Spring

It’s still pretty chilly in Cornwall as we write this but there have definitely been glimpses of our old friend spring on her way. March is when our season starts, in the sense that the odd bloom here and there gives way to a flurry of colour and as such, ...

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24 November 2022

Flower Farming in Winter

You may be wondering what we’re doing with ourselves now there are no flowers to cut in the fields and no Field Flowers products until the season starts next year. Well, aside from making and sending our signature bouquets which we do all year round, it’s certainly not a time ...

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6 October 2022

No Diggity

To quote Elizabeth Day’s popular podcast, How To Fail, “learning how to fail in life, actually means learning how to succeed better” and boy have we had some failures on the farm – as you’d expect with people figuring out how to grow flowers from scratch.

In first place this year ...

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29 September 2022

Best Laid Plans

When we first moved to Cornwall, our plan was to grow flowers that would supplement our signature bouquets. Of course, as with many things, it turns out this dream, once in the process of becoming a reality, wasn’t quite what we’d imagined. We’ve mentioned this a few times over the ...

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