We donate 100% of our profits to UK conservation projects

Here at Petalon, we see opportunity.

We see an opportunity in floristry, to bring about real change. We can demonstrate a more responsible way of sourcing and distributing flowers. One that is honest about its supply chain, transparent about its processes and that offsets its carbon emissions.

We see an opportunity in agriculture, where we can demonstrate a responsible way of growing. This kind of growing sequesters carbon, rather than emitting it. It feeds and builds the soil, rather than stripping it. It increases ecological complexity and supports wildlife, rather than destroying it.

We see an opportunity to provide good, year-round employment to talented young people in a part of the country where it is sorely needed.

These opportunities are more than enough motivation for us, the founders of Petalon, to take the business forwards, to grow it responsibly to be the best it can possibly be. To do so with an eye on profits for ourselves feels wrong.

This is why we’ve made the commitment to donate 100% of Petalon’s end of year profits directly to conservation projects in the UK. No ifs. No buts. No strings attached.

We see an opportunity to nourish our soil, our people and our planet rather than our pockets.

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