24 November 2022

Flower Farming in Winter

You may be wondering what we’re doing with ourselves now there are no flowers to cut in the fields and no Field Flowers products until the season starts next year. Well, aside from making and sending our signature bouquets which we do all year round, it’s certainly not a time...

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6 October 2022

No Diggity

To quote Elizabeth Day’s popular podcast, How To Fail, “learning how to fail in life, actually means learning how to succeed better” and boy have we had some failures on the farm – as you’d expect with people figuring out how to grow flowers from scratch. In first place this...

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29 September 2022

Best Laid Plans

When we first moved to Cornwall, our plan was to grow flowers that would supplement our signature bouquets. Of course, as with many things, it turns out this dream, once in the process of becoming a reality, wasn’t quite what we’d imagined. We’ve mentioned this a few times over the...

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4 August 2022

The admin of cows

I got a message from a friend the other day: “Hey James! Skye and Jura are so cute, but why are there cows in your garden?” It’s a fair question. In fact, when I tell people that we’re a flower business I often get asked – how come you’ve got...

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5 June 2022

Plastic-free beaches

We donate 100% of our end of year profits to UK conservation projects. As a team we decided that last year’s profits will primarily be used to help remove plastic from the Cornish coast. We are not the first people to think of doing this. We’ll be working with some...

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29 April 2022

Scaling Flower Farming

One of the biggest challenges for us over the coming years is how we ramp up our flower growing capacity. We’re lucky enough to have gotten off to a good start. This year (our second) we’ll cut more than twice as many flowers as we did last year. But to...

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22 March 2022

Here we go again

Out of the window of the Petalon farm we’re watching our 9th consecutive day of almost uninterrupted sunshine. After only one proper night of frost in a really mild winter here the field is literally months ahead of last year. March isn’t over yet and we’ve already said hello and...

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7 February 2022

Sharing or sparing?

Straw man (definition) -a weak or imaginary opposition (such as an argument or adversary) set up only to be easily confuted There’s a straw man that can be built out of the modern farmer. An old white man, dependent on a combination of government subsidies and tight margins, obsessed with...

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19 January 2022


There’s a party trick among soil scientists. They take two clumps of soil, one healthy, one not, and submerge them in glasses of water. The bad soil immediately dissolves in to the world’s least appetising glass of squash. The good soil remains whole, separate from the water, often leaving it...

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17 December 2021

12 Months of the Year

2021 was a weird year for growing flowers. Late frosts and a dry spring meant the season started late, while a very mild last few months of the year (here in Cornwall!) has meant some of us were working in t-shirts yesterday, despite being a few days from the winter...

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