5 December 2021

Greatest Hits – Field Flowers 2021

With the launch of our field flowers gift subscription for 2022 we thought now would be a good time to look back on the best things we grew in 2021. We were lucky enough to manage a very tricky start to the growing year with bizarrely late frosts running well...

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17 November 2021

Fluffy lawnmowers

Imagine if you could have a machine that cut your grass, got rid of your weeds, fertilised your soil AND gave great cuddles. Livestock have come in for a lot of bad press recently. There are some excellent reasons for this. If we keep using them the way we do...

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3 November 2021

A Carbon Neutral Flower Delivery Business

Last week, Petalon became certified as both a carbon neutral company and a supplier of carbon neutral products. Reaching this point has been a long road for us and, along with COP26 currently taking place in Glasgow, this feels like an opportune moment to talk about our environmental responsibilities. We...

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20 October 2021

Turning a blank canvas in to a Warhol

Last month we took on some more land. Some of this is either protected or best suited to being left to the local ecosystem, something we’ll talk about in the coming weeks. However one field is in many ways perfect for growing. It’s big, it’s flat, it has a low...

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30 September 2021

A seasonal recipe from One Field Farm

‘So Long Summer’ Tomato & Bread Soup (serves 4) A simple soup that waves goodbye to the sweetness of summer’s tomatoes and makes use of our spare crusts as we happily head into toast season. 1kg of fresh tomatoes half a loaf of stale white bread / sourdough 5 cloves...

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Apricot lemonade cosmos

24 September 2021

Flower Forecast: Winding Down

As we approach October, our season on the farm is starting to wind down. There are still a few flowers left to fully bloom, but the slightly quieter field also gives us time to prepare for next spring when it all kicks off again. Our bronze and burgundy sunflowers are...

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17 September 2021

Our Roots: The Meaning Behind Our Name

Pentalon, Pelaton, Peloton, Petal On, Peleton, even Pentagon Flowers – we’ve been mistakenly called lots of things over the years (although it would be cool to say we supplied flowers to the Pentagon). And perhaps you didn’t ask, but we thought we’d explain how the name Petalon came about. The...

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12 September 2021

Let’s talk about you and me(thane)

Here on the farm in Cornwall we have three large composting bays where we compost absolutely every single bit of green waste we make, together with the cardboard flower boxes we receive from our suppliers. As mentioned in James’s previous post about The Three Ws (weeds, water and waste) the...

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3 September 2021

Flower Focus: Zinnias

Zinnias are one of those flowers that we really struggled to get hold of as florists. They would be on the auction when it was their season and their bright, joyful colours so often caught our eye, but any time we ordered them they would arrive in bad nick; the...

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Mint, clary sage and zinnias

20 August 2021

What’s Going On On The Farm? August 2021

The flush of summer blooms is well under way and with such a variety in flower at the same time, we’ve been packing selection boxes off to our subscribers and customers every day – with all sorts of treasures that have been so exciting to see come into bloom.  This...

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